Rokn Sanabel Co

Business strategy

Rokn Sanabel Co has developed a business strategy aimed at steady growth to take advantage of the opportunities available in the Saudi market, and from the strengths that it has from the accumulated experience of more than 25 years in contracting work, human competencies, and technical capabilities, and to transform from a branch of an institution working in the field of business Central air conditioning and its maintenance only to an investment company working in the field of mechanical and electrical & Civil contracting as a whole.

The Rokn Sanabel Co has achieved many of its set goals, and was able to transform in 2003 from the Sanabel Air Conditioning Corporation branch to the Rokn Sanabel Co Electromechanical Contracting Company, and was able to increase its market share and contract to implement the works Electromechanical is complete for a large number of projects within the Kingdom, in addetion to intering the civil & finishing works for reaching the highst level of work integration that allows it to occupy a prominent position in the field of contracting, maintenance and operation, and upgrading the level of services it provides to customers until it has become one of the leading companies in the contracting sector during the last 20 years.